Horse Tours

Mal Pais Horse Tour

Horseback Riding

Horsetours are a great way to experience the amazing flora and fauna of Costa Rica.

While ambling along on a horseback you quietly observe nature and wildlife without disturbing the environment.

In Mal Pais tours are offered through the countryside, in the backlands of Cabo Blanco, or along the beach. Take care to pick a responsible tour operator who cares about his horses.

Horse Tours in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais:

Adrian’s Horse Tours
Guided tours along the beaches of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais. Also large groups. Horse guide speaks English and Spanish.
2640 0413
Ario Horse Tours
Horse tours along the beach in the north of Santa Teresa from Playa Hermosa until the Rio Bongo. Bilingual guide. Max. 8 people.
8356 6002
Star Mountain
Combined mountains and beach tours with small groups, max 4 people. Cabo Blanco backlands and Mal Pais beach. Guide only speaks Spanish.
2640 0101
Sunrise Ranch
Horse tours in the countryside through pasture land in San Isidro. English speaking guide.
8778 9798
Criollo Horses in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Horses

The type of horses you will usually ride in Costa Rica are Spanish Criollos which are also used for cattle ranching. These gentle horses are well adapted to the tropical climate and don’t need to be kept in stables. Instead they live freely on their pastures they whole year.
As Criollos are smaller than the horses in North America or Europe most tour operators have a weight limit for the riders. Criollo horses in general have a noble temperament and comfortable gaits so they are easy to ride for beginners and children.