SUP or Kayaking


Stand-up Paddle Boarding

SUP, or stand-up-paddle is an exciting new sport offered in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais. It’s a true full body workout which also makes a lot of fun. Enjoy an alternative to surfing by using a paddle to keep yourself upright on a board . SUP is very easy to learn and suited for all levels of skill.

Freedom Riding

Mal Pais Costa Rica

Near the fishing port in Mal Pais Andy takes you out on tours on a SUP along the coast of Cabo Blanco. Also lessons and board rentals.

In the open water in front of Mal Pais you can often see sea turtles, manta rays and fish from your board while enjoying views of the coastline and scenic sunsets.

Ocean Kayaking

Another sport that involves paddling is ocean kayaking. Guided tours are offered along the coast of Mal Pais, Santa Teresa and Cabo Blanco. One of the highlights is a spot in the ocean where you see bubbles coming up from the sea bottom from a submarine volcanoe.

Sea Kayaking tours are also offered for fishing. You can catch mostly jackfish, snapper, barracuda, sea bass, tuna and mackerel. The 3-hours kayaking tour includes a guide and all fishing equipment.