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Nature Tours near Mal Pais

Tortuga Island Costa Rica

Snorkeling at Isla Tortuga

A 1-hour boat ride from Montezuma lies the picturesque island of Isla Tortuga. Here you can snorkel or scuba dive in crystal-clear water.

Isla Tortuga is one of the most beautiful islands in Costa Rica. With its white sand beaches and emerald waters it’s the picture perfect tropical beach, where you can relax, go for a hike and frolick in the water.

A full-day tour to Isla Tortuga includes the tour by boat, snorkeling and lunch on the beach. You depart from Montezuma at 9 am and return at 4 pm in the afternoon. During the 1-hour boat ride you often see dolphins, sea turtles or manta rays.

Montezuma Waterfalls

Montezuma is only a 30-min drive from Mal Pais The colorful little town is known for its scenic beaches, but above all for its gorgeous waterfalls, rivers and pools in the jungle. The main waterfall is reached on a 30-min hike from the village center. You should wear good shoes as the trail leads over roots and rocks and you cross the river several times. Another two cascades are located on top of the first waterfall. To get to the upper falls you drive to the Montezuma Canopy tour from where you can walk through the jungle on suspended bridges. In the forest around Montezuma you often see families of white-faced capuchin monkeys.

Montezuma Costa Rica Waterfalls
Cabo Blanco Costa Rica

Cabo Blanco National Park

Cabo Blanco was the first national park that was created in Costa Rica, in 1963. The nature reserve covers 1172 hectares of humid tropical forest and is a must-see for any nature lover. The main trail leads you to the white sand beach in front of the Cabo Blanco island. Among the animals in the reserve you find howler and capuchin monkeys, deer, coatis, anteaters, small wild cats, a great variety of birds, bats, butterflies and other insects.

Although Mal Pais is located directly at the side of the reserve, the only entrance to Cabo Blanco is 9 km away, on the other side of the peninsula. 


For bird watchers Costa Rica is one of the most interesting travel destinations in the world. The small country hosts over 900 resident and migrant bird species. In Mal Pais you can see birds of the Pacific lowland, along with sea birds who are protected in the wildlife sanctuary of Cabo Blanco. Among the regularly spotted birds are Hummingbirds, Motmots, Tanagars, Blue Jays, Trogons, various types of Egrets and Herons, to name just a few.

Specialized guides offer birdwatching tours on the beach of Mal Pais, along rivers and into the hills of Cabo Blanco. Tours start in the early morning, when the birds are most active.

Birdwatching Tours in Mal Pais