Santa Teresa Yoga

Yoga in Santa Teresa / Malpais

Yoga is very popular in Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. Practising yoga reduces stress and relieves anxiety while improving your overall physical fitness, flexibility and strength. For many surfers the health gym is a perfect complement to their sport as the yoga postures force stretching and strengthening of the muscles. You also train your sense of balance.

Doing yoga in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais is particularly beautiful with the stunning backdrop of the beach and jungle, and the calming sounds of the ocean.

Horizon Yoga Hotel

Yoga Center in Santa Teresa

Ocean view hotel with yoga center in Santa Teresa. Daily open yoga classes in Hatha Flow and Vinyasa.

Sunflower Yoga Retreats

Costa Rica Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats in the jungle of Malpais Costa Rica. Relax and renew with holistic therapies, meditation and yoga


Up and down Santa Teresa and Mal Pais you find many places where different styles of yoga are offered at convenient times of the day:

Santa Teresa Yoga Classes and Styles:

Yoga Spa Natural
(Playa Carmen, Hotel Tropico Latino)
2640 0402Vinyasa, beginner
Centro de Yoga Kundalini
(Playa Carmen)
2640 0361Kundalini
Pranamar Yoga
(Playa Hermosa)
2640 0852Shakti Flow, Pilates
Florblanca Yoga
(Santa Teresa North)
2640 0523Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Pilates
Horizon Yoga Center
(Playa Carmen)
2640 0524Vinyasa, Hatha, Core Yoga
Casa Zen Yoga
(Playa Santa Teresa)
2640 0523Vinyasa
(Mal Pais)
2640 1007Vinyasa