Weather in Mal Pais

Annual Rainfalls in Mal Pais: Annual Rainfalls

The main tourist season in Mal Pais and Costa Rica in general is the time when it‘s cold in the Northern Hemisphere: from January to March. This time coincides with the dry season on Costa Rica‘s Pacific coast, where Mal Pais is located. Every day you enjoy sunshine and no rains until mid of May when the first rainfalls occur. Temperatures during the day can go up to around 36 degrees Celsius.

The season from May to August is called Green Season, with intermittent rain showers, mainly in the late afternoon and at night. These weather conditions are very pleasant because it‘s not so hot any more, the nature is verdant green and there are less tourists around.
Rainfalls become heavier and more prolonged in September/October which makes traveling difficult because road conditions become precarious and you cannot make tour plans ahead of time.

In November the rains become less and it‘s a great time to visit again because you still enjoy low season rates. High season starts in December and the weather circle starts over again: no rains for a couple of months during which the landscape will wither and take on a dull, brown color, covered by the dust of the dirt roads.

Mal Pais in Rainy SeasonAbove: On the beach of Mal Pais in rainy season