Real Estate

Real Estate

For many years Santa Teresa and Mal Pais was a well kept secret among surfers and adventurous travelers. However, once the word was out, it soon became one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist  destinations. Today a young, energetic community has evolved and you find all manner of services, including some of Costa Rica’s finest hotels and gourmet restaurants.
While being on vacation in Costa Rica, many people start dreaming of owning their own piece of property in Santa Teresa or Mal Pais. Many grab their dream and most are ecstatic about having taken the small leap of faith.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica
Mal Pais

As the hills are wedged up against the beach, homeowners enjoy spectacular ocean and sunset views, with the sounds of the Pacific surf close by. Real estate in Mal Pais and Santa Teresa also include beach properties but the strip of land directly on the water edge cannot be purchased, only leased from the government. Costa Rica reserves this area as a public zone for everyone‘s use.

The Downside of Development

Unfortunately, Santa Teresa’s rapid growth also leads to the destruction of the area’s biggest asset: the natural beauty of jungle covered hillsides and pristine beaches. While publicity for real estate often flaunts exotic wildlife and undisturbed views, more and more nature is being destroyed without consideration of flora and fauna. As a result  erosion and land slides occur, and populations of monkeys and many other animals decrease due to habitat loss.
Real Estate Development in Mal Pais
There are real estate projects in Mal Pais which combine residential development with conservation of the forest. “Mi Casa en El Bosque” is a small eco project with houses built of bamboo ensconced in the foliage » Bamboo Eco Village